Visual Studio 2022 Ultimate Feature Guide

In the previous post on Visual Studio, we saw how to Debug JavaScript in Visual Studio Code (without F12 the Chrome Debugger). In this post we shall learn about Visual Studio 2022 New Features.

visual studio 2022

Table Of Contents – VS 2022 New Features At A Glance

Believe It Or Not But Visual Studio 2022 Is 64-bit

Developers were shocked when they saw that this new offering would be a 64-bit application thus allowing access to much more memory.

Your first question might be can your continue to run and debug your 32-bit apps in VS 2022 64-bit? Yes, you can.

VS 2022 is going to be a 64-bit application. It means it will no longer limited to a mere 4gb of memory in the devenv.exe process. With this 64-bit version, you can open, debug, edit and run even the most complex and biggest solutions without running out of memory.

However, with the 64-bit change, it will not change the types of the applications you develop with Visual Studio. It will continue to work for building 32-bit applications.

Visual Studio 2022 In Action – Opening a solution with around 1,600 projects and 300K files

The below is a screen grab from a video on credit It shows VS 2022 opening a solution with around 1,600 projects and around 300K, yes that’s right, 300K files. Hence out-of-memory exceptions are a thing of the past now only subject to your RAM size.


Azure Updates

It will be easy to quickly build cloud-based, modern applications with Azure in Visual Studio 2022 . It will include a huge data of repositories that describe common patterns used in apps being developed today. Below are some of the features that will be available.

Infrastructure-As-Code Assets

These repositories are a combination of developer’s best practices code and show these patterns in action. There are Infrastructure-As-Code assets to provision Azure resources and also pre-built GitHub workflows.

CI / CD Action Items

Now there are new settings available where you quick start running a complete CI/CD solution when you first create a project.

Best Practices Based Scaffolded Project

Lastly, the required development environment will be scaffolded in the repository so that a developer can start coding and debugging right from the start using these best practices.

JavaScript TypeScript Updates

The team has released a new JavaScript / TypeScript project type. This project type will build standalone JavaScript or TypeScript projects along with additional tools and support.

Also JavaScript and TypeScript testing will now be available through the Visual Studio Test Explorer.

New Web Live Preview Feature

Microsoft has already a Web Live Preview extension in the Visual Studio Marketplace. This was for giving real-time updates between the source code and HTML for ASP.NET Framework projects. This tool is also now updated in the new version. It will let developers select elements in the browser and see the live code that is executed to generate those elements. When the source code will be edited in the IDE, the web app will be updated automatically giving us a live preview.

In VS 2022 this feature has been improved. Now the users can see the changes made live in the IDE, even with data-bound controls like the grid. See the Web Live Preview in action below.

vs 2022 hot reload live preview

Visual Studio For Mac 2022 Get A Refreshed Light & Dark Theme

The Visual Studio for Mac 2022 team has combined the modern macOS UI experience with Visual Studio. Some of the most notable changes are the refreshed light & dark themes, new tab model for documents/tool window and a footer status bar as shown below.

visual studio 2022 for mac

The Best IntelliCode Up Till Now – Entire Line Completion

Now you can automatically complete code all up to a whole line at a time. Smart IntelliCode can now automatically complete large chunks of code by understanding our coding context and leveraging the code pattern experience of around half a million open source repositories.

IntelliCode does this using a large scale transformation model and it takes continuous hints using the below

  • Nearby Functions
  • A variable names and its position
  • The code type for e.g. any libraries that you are using

See how the AI Intellicode completes entire lines of code in the below preview.

visual studio 2022 intellicode AI

Visual Studio 2022 Will Come With .NET 6

VS 2022 will be having full support for .NET 6. This will include the frameworks for client, web and mobile apps for both Windows and not to forget Mac developers. 

One can also use ASP.NET Blazor. This is a web technology to write desktop apps via .NET MAUI i.e. Multi-platform App UI.

.net 6 maui Multi-platform App UI

Visual Studio 2022 New Features Has A Whole New Refreshed IDE

There is a whole new refreshed user interface for our flow management. Some UI changes are cosmetic in nature that enhance the interface or reduce crowding.

Also it makes it more accessible using the below features

  • A new set of improved and refreshed product themes.
  • Updated icons for better clarity, legibility, and contrast.
  • There will be integration with Accessibility Insights for early detection of accessibility issues.
  • Cascadia Code which a new fixed-width font. This is used for better readability.
vs 2022 icons

Do You Have Multiple Development Boxes?

VS 2022 new features includes customizing many aspects of the IDE. This is done for syncing settings across devices for developers who maintain multiple development machines for their day to day work.

It Has C++20 Support

There is a lot of support for C++ such as C++20 tooling and new C++20 language features. These are aimed to make managing large codebases simple.

There is also an improved diagnostic feature that will make hard issues easier to debug using concepts and templates.

If any user wants to upgrade to this new OS but are not comfortable about compatibility issues then with the C++ runtime, it will surely be a smooth transition.

Visual Studio 2022 Release Date

Its launch date was on 8th November 2021.

Visual Studio 2022 System Requirements

Operating Systems

  • Windows 10 version 1909+ – Home / Professional / Education / Enterprise
  • Windows Server 2019 – Standard / Datacenter
  • Windows Server 2016 – Standard / Datacenter


  • 4 GB RAM
  • Video card 1280 by 720 minimum resolution
  • 64-bit 1.8 GHz processor / Quad-core. Note that ARM processors are not supported
  • Hard disk space 850 MB minimum up to 210 GB. General installations will require around 20-50 GB space

Other Requirements

  • Administrator rights
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2+ If .NET Framework 4.8 is not there, it will be installed during setup

Visual Studio 2022 Download

All the flavors of this new VS can be downloaded from their main downloads sections at
Main Download Page.

Visual Studio 2022 Community Direct Download

For the most popular and free version i.e. the VS 2022 Community download, can be downloaded from the below direct link. Note that this link may change in the future.
Community Download

If you are not sure of clicking the direct link, you can make use of the above common downloads page link.

Note that only the Community version is free. The other versions i.e. Professional and Enterprise versions are trial only and are not free.

Visual Studio 2022 Price

Microsoft recommends the below subscriptions for small and medium sized companies which have 5 or more users.

Professional subscription (Monthly) – Subscription Price $45 Per Month

  • Visual Studio Professional IDE
  • Azure DevOps (Basic plan)

Enterprise subscription (Monthly) – Subscription Price $250 Per Month

  • Visual Studio Enterprise IDE
  • Azure DevOps (Basic+ Test Plan)


With this version VS has started it journey towards being a 64-bit application. If you happen to install or are using VS 2022, let us know your thoughts and feedback on the same in the comments section.

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