Hyperledger Fabric on AKS Marketplace Template

Hello learners. Hope you are doing well. This post is actually a quick, short update on a new Azure service called Hyperledger Fabric on AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) Marketplace template. If you are not familiar with Hyperledger Fabric, I strongly recommend you to go through this link.
A Brief Introduction Of HyperLedger Fabric

What does this template do?

Recently Microsoft Azure announced this feature. The Hyperledger Fabric on AKS Marketplace template will help customers in deploying Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) network on the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters in a module-wise fashion. The template also has various parameters which can be configured for deploying Fabric production workload components. Because of Azure Kubernetes Service, the management and deployment of containerized applications is made simple. Using AKS, business applications can call its client software development kit or APIs via the template. Below is the illustration.

NOTE: All image source taken credit https://docs.microsoft.com/

AKS HLF architecture

Features of the template:

  • Supports execution of CouchDB and LevelDb for world state database on nodes.
  • One can configure, the size and number of nodes in the Azure Kubernetes Clusters.
  • You can deploy of version 1.4.4 version of Hyperledger Fabric.
  • It supports the deployment of orderer and peer nodes.
  • In order to network with other organization, an exposed Public IP for each deployed AKS cluster.
  • You can start creating your network sample scripts to help post-deployment steps such as adding peer nodes to the channel, creating workflows of channels, etc.
  • By default it supports self-signed Fabric Certificate Authority (CA) certificates.
  • There is also a sample Node.JS app which runs some native APIs.

Through this service, you can deploy and configure block chain network of your choice with very little Azure and Hyper Ledger Fabric knowledge. There are less number of user inputs and a single-click deployment through the Azure portal. Regarding the cost, charges are only done for the underlying infrastructure resources consumed. This include the storage, AKS clusters and networking.

You can get this service here.

Click on ‘GET IT NOW’

get service

You will be provided with a popup screen. Click on ‘Continue’

service continue

It will load for some time.

Then you will have to login to the Azure portal and then click ‘Create’.

service create

Since building the entire Hyperledger Fabric consortium is outside the scope of this article, you can visit the below link for further information after you are done with the above steps:

Coming soon

Microsoft will come out with a Visual Studio code extension support for Azure Hyperledger Fabric instances. Since this is open-source, there is also a GitHub repository for the template and consortium sample scripts at the below link.


In this post we saw a short update on the Hyperledger Fabric on AKS Service Marketplace Template and how it helps in setting up a Hyperlegder Fabric consortium with minimal knowledge of it.

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