About Us

Welcome to my blog Tech Study Corner. This blog is dedicated to learners of technology and I count myself as a learner too. My name is Hitesh Boricha and I work in the IT industry. Having worked in web development I have played variety of roles and have done a couple of projects. Read the About Us page for more information.

Looking Back

The idea for this blog started as a small word press website called learningtek.wordpress.com with a couple of posts. Originally I created that website to add to my working credentials so that I could showcase them to prospective employers. But with time due to my job, I visited many blogs for technical help. Then I thought of creating something which I could call my own creation. Also being from a technical background I gave it a go-ahead and that’s how this blog came into existence.

My Goal

Since I work on Microsoft technologies, hence you will find posts written on Visual Studio and .Net. I also learnt a little bit of Azure and Block chain and have written posts on them too. Hence I urge you all out there to keep learning so that we keep growing. The About Us page might be updated frequently if needed.


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Keep learning…